Nigerian Man Dies Two Weeks After His Wedding (Photos)

Friends and loved ones have taken to social media to pen down tributes to Kelvin Ese, a Nigerian man who died two weeks after his wedding.

They stated that they didn’t know their last dance with Kelvin would be at his wedding which took place on December 25, 2021.

Recounting their moment together, Ese’s childhood friend, Agbor Kingsley wrote:


Even as I struggle to believe that you are gone and I will see you no more, Kelvin Ese Akpang, my very childhood friend the echo of the Former United States of America President Barack Obama’s ‘word’ in this subject kept growing big in my thoughts, when he said:

“When I think about the depth of the grave and the kilos of sand that are going to be thrown at us, there is no need to harm my brother;

When I think of the darkness that pervades the tomb after it has closed, there is no need to hurt my sister;

When I think of the heat driven back by the ground and the amount of water that will drown me during the rains in this grave, I cannot make my neighbor suffer;

When I think that I will be alone abandoned by all, I prefer to enjoy communion when I am alive;

When I think my relationships are cut off by my past, I want to perfect my future.

If I could be reborn and start all over again, I would no longer make mistakes in my actions.”

After a long meditation, I understood that all is vanity on earth even as our last conversation was full of hopes and better tomorrow. But Kelvin why, you never told me that you would leave your lovely wife alone exactly two weeks after she said yes I do. So, you actually appointed me your marriage committee chairman to answer these questions on your behalf? This is a very wrong decision, bro. You would’ve thought of your beautiful wife (Akorom as you always call her) whom you told me that she is the reason for your existence after the first and second attack struck. How about your poor mum, siblings and lovely friends?

I want to State here categorically, Kelvin that you fought well with the Dead and you won. Your departure was not because you were weak but because heaven needs people like you. Stay well bro even as I pray God to help us to cultivate humility and love our neighbors, because vanity only gives vanity, everything will be vanity.

Stay well my man till we meet at the Heaven’s Gate where we’ll share our moonlight tales again.

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